"fFind me some brilliant prose!"
          - Scott

"what the hell is prose?"
          - Quark

elcome to the Brigandine webpage! Brigandine is a free and easy to use chat forum for everyone and anyone. Feel free to browse our website and learn about the world that is telnet talkers and when you are done... make sure that you actually logon to Brigandine and hang out with us.

Features and cool stuff

  • "Chaincolor" (colorized tells to multiple people)
  • Personalized fFamiliars
  • Relaxed rules
  • Improved commands, including 'who', 'converse', and countless others.
  • A proud and ancient Photoshop Tennis League
  • An independent weblog page for each user.
  • A variety of interesting, improved games:
    • Battleships
    • An impressive game of Blackjack
    • Real Live Improved working Chess
    • The ever present slot machine
    • A magic 8 ball (with an incredible attitude)
    • And more...
  • Secure Shell Access
    • One of the more unique, interesting services we offer, any user may connect by way of secure shell (ssh) to the standard port 22, give the account name of tf. You are then connected to a tinyfugue-based secure shell account, directly logged into the talker.
    • Yes, you can also log into the standard telnet port 23 to the same end. This is great if you are behind a fFirewall or other system which prohibits outside contact accross certain high-numbered ports.


Do legendary deeds.
     We love -- LOVE, I say -- plaintext interfaces.

     Brigandine is, afterall, a plaintext intellectual arena.

     However, there are certain needs ASCII art can't quite meet. Swing on over to our friends at Linux Gaming World to get the latest buzz and current trends in gaming, aimed just at Linux enthusiasts. Before you ask, yes, Brigandine runs on a Linux machine. What can we say? We enjoy our subcultures. News, reviews, and discussions abound. It's a fairly new site, and we are happy to bring it to you.

"And... unless you are completely bored, do not read anything below . . ." - tREMor