Splashdown were an excellent band fFrom the late 20th century Boston, but we knew them as a hive of aliens fFrom the 25th century. They are Adam Buhler, Kasson Crooker, and Melissa Kaplan. They brought us a selection of songs -- about 30 of them -- which live on in brilliance, long after the mother ship called them home.

At this site, you will fFind a slew of MP3s, at 128kbps, fFrom fFull-length albums. (Some people provide FLACs, but I don't. Sorry, I prefer to deliver smaller, more accesible files.) They are presented here as entire albums, in each zip file. Remember when bandwidth used to be a concern, and you had to grab each song, one at a time? Still, some of these are not tiny files, so be kind and don't hammer the server too much at a time, please.

Also, we have assembled a variety of goodies which will hopefully delight and enthrall the crowds: The Splashdown Songbook, a couple photos, and links to "where are they now" kinds of things. Oh, by the way, you are invited to join the Splashdown Fanclub, on YahooGroups. It's not very active these days, but every now and then there's something interesting.

Stars And Garters
Released 1996 from Castle von Buhler Records;
9 tracks; 36.9 MB
Released 1998 from Castle von Buhler Records;
5 tracks; 19.8 MB
Released 1999 from Capitol Records;
5 tracks; 20.8 MB
This EP was assembled as a kind of sampler, in promotion for the Blueshift album.
Intended to be released in 2000 from Capitol Records;
16 tracks; 59.7 MB
Unreleased collection of remixes and B-sides, given to fanclub members in 2001;
17 tracks; 66.5 MB
Live Concerts
Milestones Bar, Rochester, NY - February 17, 2000
16 Tracks, 64.5 MB
The Rochester Lilac Festival, Rochester, NY - 2000
17 Tracks, 68.1 MB
Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY - November 4, 2000
15 Tracks, 65.6 MB
The Showplace Theater, Buffalo, NY - November 4, 2000
13 Tracks, 56.7 MB
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Other Projects
Adam and Kasson were part of this sextet just before forming Splashdown. There's not a lot of availability of this material left, these days. Vocalist Michelle Poppleton seems to have done little else before or after, and finding copies of their album is a rarity. Maybe we should fix that, someday. hmmm...
Women of Sodom
Melissa worked with numerous other artists in this music/art/performance group, led by Cynthia von Buhler, long in the distant past.
Symbion Project
Kasson has been making music for a long time under a bunch of pseudonyms. "Symbion Project" is the name he comes back to most.
The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight
Another of Kasson's projects.
TPWLYST = K*SS*N + 3V3_T3/\
When Splashdown started to collapse, Kasson got together with other Boston musicians, Liz Enthusiasm and Sean Drinkwater, to make this synthpop trio. Kasson left the group in 2009, returning to his own work on Symbion Project, and TPWLYST.
Universal Hall Pass
Melissa's wonderful and beautiful project! She has released a couple albums, and done some great new work, sometimes with Kasson.
Adam was on their initial self-titled album. He left soon after, and the band took a somewhat different sound. Their first album is incredibly listenable.
Anarchy Club
Then Adam went on to found a new band with a guy named Keith Smith.
Cynthia on Buhler
Adam's ex-wife, and the band's old manager. Cynthia now does all sorts of cool things, including books, and art shows in New York City.
Stereo Alchemy
Melissa did some awesome vocals for them.
Wikipedia Entries
Universal Hall Pass
Kasson Crooker
Adam von Buhler
Cynthia von Buhler
The band's producer and manager
Kasson's long-time employer
Graeme Revell
Melissa has worked with him on numerous film scores
Anarchy Club
Adam's current project
Universal Hall Pass
Symbion Project
The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight
In Concert 1
In Rochester, NY, with Jason Sakos On drums
In Concert 2
In Rochester, NY, with Jason Sakos On drums
Band montage